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One of Israel's most respected producers, Castel Winery is a standard-setting producer of kosher wines. Situated in the fertile soil of the Jerusalem Hills, Castel's premium vineyards are cultivated using traditional techniques. These methods contribute to sophisticated and flavorful wines that testify to their meticulous and skillful viticulture. The historical setting adds meaning to the winemaking tradition while also providing fertile grounds for producing some of the highest quality grapes in the region.Letting intuition guide his efforts, Ben Zaken sent his "Grand Vin" to Sotheby’s MW Serena Sutcliffe and received an overwhelmingly-positive response. It was at that moment that Ben Zaken decided to embrace his destiny and make wine his life.

Sourced from densely planted vineyards, the grapes are hand picked with care to ensure top quality in every bottle. All Castel wines are also aged for up to 24 months in the finest French oak barrels. The result is an array of kosher wines with a depth of flavor and rich aroma rarely found in competitor products. Bring Castel wines into your home to enjoy these kosher wines from Israel with your loved ones.

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Castel is an innovative and progressive winery that utilizes leading industrial technologies to produce some of Israel's finest and most exceptional wines.

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