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Kosher Moscato wines, which are made in many wine regions both in and outside of Italy, are enjoyed all over the world, with the U.S. and Australia taking a particular interest in the sweeter flavors of Moscato. Moscato wines are known for their musky, fresh grape flavors and are created from the oldest category of grapes known to man: the muscat grape. Most Moscato wines are produced in a winemaking style that emphasizes the varietal aromas of the grape rather than the aromas derived from winemaking processes, like oak aging or steel tank production. Kosher Moscato and muscat wines made from fresh-pressed muscat grapes can now be delivered to your door when you order online from Learn more about this unique style of wine and browse our inventory of kosher Moscato below.

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What is Kosher Moscato?

Moscato is known for its sweet flavors of peach, orange blossom and nectarine, but it’s low alcohol content and refreshing flavor profile make Moscato more than just a dessert wine. This white wine is made from Moscato grapes and is often referred to as “Moscato d’Asti.” Kosher Moscato wines offer a nice change of pace from the other widely available kosher wines on the market. It’s the perfect choice if you’re searching for a smooth, sweet, fragrant and slightly bubbly kosher wine.

Kosher Moscato Producers

From Italy to Brazil, Moscato has been produced in many different cultures for thousands of years. Many kosher Moscatos are produced in Italy and many can be enjoyed as a kosher wine for Passover. 

Santero Winery

The Santero Winery, located just outside the northern Italian town of Asti, produces a sweet Italian Kosher Moscato made from fresh pressed Moscato grapes that are cold fermented to preserve the grape's delicate aromatics and deliver a wine with balanced sweetness, velvety texture, and fine, persistent bubbles. The Santero Winery was purchased and started by the Santero brothers in 1958. Today, the winery processes its own grapes grown on the five Santero wine farms and also grapes purchased from over 300 local winegrowers in the region. Responsible for some of the most unique and balanced Moscatos in the world, the Santero Winery produces over 18 million bottles of wine each year.


Bartenura Wines have been sourced from all of the greatest wine-growing regions in Italy. Their Moscatos are some of the most popular on the market. From a niche kosher producer to now a worldwide phenomenon, Bartenura's growth can be attributed to their tasteful wine, flashy advertising and celebrity marketing; Drake, Lil' Kim and several other hip-hop stars have actually mentioned Bartenura Moscato in their lyrics. Bartenura is popular for its sweet taste and stylish blue bottle. Only the best grapes are used, and fermentation takes place at a low temperature in order to craft a wine with fresh, peachy perfumes and a light, grapey fruit flavor. Bartenura also produces a Rose Moscato, which is an aromatic sweet sparkling wine, and other Kosher Muscat Varietals.

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