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Kosher Port is a fortified wine that is made by adding a neutral, grape-based spirit into the wine. This rich, sweet and complex wine can be enjoyed with many decadent desserts or even as a dessert on its own. The number of kosher Port wines has grown steadily over the years, with big-name producers like Carmel, Shiloh, Odem Mountain contributing to the mix of kosher Port wine producers. Kosher Port is an delicious wine that can now be delivered straight to your door when you order online from Choose your favorite bottles now so you’ll be prepared with the perfect wine to complement your next dinner or celebrate a special occasion.

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What is Kosher Port?

Port is a fortified wine made by adding a Portion of grape spirit to the wine during the production process. This allows the wine to retain some of the natural sweetness of the grape, making it rich, round and smooth on the palate. Drinking kosher Port wine can be a lavish experience when paired with a meal or dessert or when enjoyed on its own. Kosher Port is able to stay fresh after being uncorked for quite some time, and contains a considerable alcohol content of about 20 percent, which is higher than most other kosher wines. There are Port styles for all occasions and budgets, from rare vintage Ports matured in sealed glass bottles with no air exposure, to the more relaxed wood-aged Ports, which are aged in wood (normally oak) and generally evolve more rapidly than those aged in a bottle.

Kosher Port Producers

Port, like champagne, refers to a regionally produced fortified wine from Portugal, but a number of wine producers in various countries produce some excellent Port-style wines. Porto Cordovero is the most commonly available and popular kosher Port wine. This Port is made from grapes grown in the Douro Valley in Portugal and is exceptionally rich and fruity with a full body. Some Israeli Port-style wine producers include Shiloh, which produces Shiloh Fort, a rich Port-style dessert wine with a well-balanced natural sweetness and warming heat on the finish. Adir, Odem Mountain and Carmel are a few more Israeli producers of kosher Port wine, and each produce Ports with excellent aging potential and delicious taste. Order any of these popular sweet Port wines online today at KosherWine.

Porto Cordovero

Porto Cordovero is located on the Atlantic coast at Oporto in Portugal. Now over 300 years old, it has been producing Porto Cordovero Port for generations. This winery is completely independent and remains a family firm; to this day, it is run by family members of the original owners. When only an authentic Port from the sun-drenched hillside vineyards of Portugal will do, the discussion begins and ends with Porto Cordovero . The Porto Cordovero Port delights the nose with sweet raspberry and dark chocolate aromas, and the palate oozes with notes of sweet and spicy berry preserves.

Adir Winery

The Adir Winery was established in 2003 and has been producing wines made with grapes originally planted with care during the 1980s and 1990s in the Upper Galilee region. The grapes benefit from a combination of the fine land and climatic conditions. The incredible wines produced with these grapes have helped position Adir Winery as an award-winning Israeli winery, producing some of the country's most outstanding varietals. The Adir Kerem Ben Zimra Blush Port 2010 and the Adir Kerem Ben Zimra Port are both produced in keeping with the traditional techniques of this Portuguese varietal and are some of Israel's finest dessert wines.


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