Mishloach Manot Gifts

What is mishloach manot?

The giving of mishloach manot (also known as shalach manot, shalach manos or mishloach manos) is one of the most important parts of Purim. During this holiday, Jewish families gather special items to create mishloach manot (Purim baskets) for their friends and family. Food, drinks, toys and more are collected and put into attractive baskets to present to loved ones on this special day.

What is the origin of the mishloach manot tradition?

Originally, this tradition began by stocking Purim gift baskets with food and drinks to ensure that everyone had sufficient supplies for the Purim feast. Today, the baskets are used as a fun way to celebrate or, in some synagogues, to raise money for worthy charities. In addition to food, drinks and other consumables, many Jewish groups also include graggers, Purim books and other fun accessories that relate to the holiday.

What kind of food and drinks should I put in my shalach manot?

When it comes to food, tradition states that each basket should contain at least two different, ready-to-eat foods and/or drinks. Most people include more than just two items and they typically base the items they select on who the recipient will be. For example, a family with kids might enjoy a bag of potato chips or another sweet snack. Hamentashen and other pastries are also popular food items, as are fruits, salads, canned foods or a cooked dish. As long as it’s ready to eat, you can include it and personalize the items to the people who will be receiving your shalach manot.

As for drinks, any kosher wine makes for an excellent addition to your Purim baskets. Any type of wine will do, from Malbec to Riesling and beyond. For an especially celebratory mood, you could also consider including some kosher champagne. If kids will be receiving the basket, feel free to swap out the kosher wine for soda or juice instead.

What is the role of kosher wine in celebration of Purim?

Drinking alcohol is an important part of the Purim celebrations due to the two wine feasts hosted by Queen Esther in her attempts to defeat Haman. Even the sages of the Talmud agree that drinking is recommended on Purim in order to heighten the joy and excitement experienced on this holiday. It has actually been declared as a mitzvah, so many people consider their duty to indulge in some extra wine for this particular feast.

Of course, it’s not absolutely necessary to drink on Purim, particularly if you have a good reason not to. Whether you’re underage, pregnant or planning to drive later in the evening, it’s okay to abstain from wine on this holiday. However, any good Purim feast will be stocked with plenty of kosher wine for those who do want to abide by the mitzvah.

Which wine should I buy for mishloach manos?

Consider purchasing a variety of kosher wines and champagnes to include in your Purim baskets. You can use wine magnums to make a big impression or include mini wine bottles to provide several options for the recipient. To make the tradition of shalach manot even easier, you could consider buying pre-made kosher wine gift baskets from KosherWine.

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