Wine At The Seuda

Are you ready for your Purim seudah? This is the special meal that is enjoyed on the day of Purim to celebrate the holiday. Since feasts are an important part of the story behind the holiday (Esther arranged feasts as part of her efforts to defeat Haman), this seudah should not be overlooked when preparing for Purim.

Speaking of those feasts in the Book of Esther, one of the most important aspects of these meals is the consumption of wine. In addition, there’s a mitzvah for Jews to drink until they don’t knowthe difference between barukh Mordekhai v’arur Haman (blessed be Mordecai and cursed be Haman). Due to this, selecting kosher wines to be a part of the Purim seudah is considered just as important (if not more so) than preparing the actual food.

The Purim seudah is instructed to be held during the daytime. However, it’s also customary to continue the meal until after dark. For this type of all-day event, you’ll want to stock up on plenty of wine. Other than using kosher wine, there’s no specific varietal that is preferred for this Jewish holiday. In fact, the best option is to collect a variety of whites and reds so that any guests can find something they enjoy. You may even want to include some kosher champagne; after all, this is an especially celebratory holiday on the Jewish calendar.

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