Explore the Best in Kosher Wine

Explore Kosher Wine

Explore the Best of Kosher Wine

Wines by Region

Kosher Wine has a long history in Judaism, dating back to biblical times and produced throughout ancient Israel. Today, major wine producers in California, Italy, and other regions across the globe produce quality Kosher wines, offering a distinguished variety of Kosher grape varietals and tastes.

Explore the world of Kosher Wine by diving into each region’s culture, food/wine pairings and more. You can now explore the various regions of Kosher wines from the comfort of your home, here at KosherWine.com. Our Region pages feature various Kosher Wineries throughout the world, information on regional producers, and more!

Italian Wines

Kosher Italian Wine Brands

Kosher Wines from Italy have been a staple for wine lovers since the 1980, when the first wines from Bartenura found their way to the United States. Explore Italian Kosher Wines, and learn about Italian wine producers, Italian food & wine pairings and more!

Explore Italian Wines

California Wines

Kosher California Wine Brands

As one of the best wine producing regions in the world, California naturally has a reputation of producing quality Kosher wines in the Golden State. With popular producers such as Herzog Cellars and Tierra Sur, California Kosher Wine is worth experiencing.

Explore California Wines

Israeli Wines

Kosher Israeli Wine Brands

Wine producers in Israel continue to produce some of the world’s greatest Kosher wines to date. Explore Israel’s Kosher Wines, and learn about the various wine regions in Israel, boutique wineries, 90+ Point Israeli Wines, and more!

Explore Israeli Wines

Wines by Varietal

Navigate through our Kosher Varietal pages to discover the various types of Kosher wines, and find which Kosher varietal best serves your taste, celebration or style! Each of our varietal pages showcases some of the most popular wine producers stationed throughout the world, and highlights the various styles, tastes and grapes used during production. View our Kosher wine varietal pages below and become a Kosher wine sommelier in no time!

Kosher Champagne

Kosher Champagne

Kosher Champagne can be produced using a variety of different grapes and is often differentiated by the dryness or sweetness of the wine. Explore Kosher Champagne to learn more about the various Kosher Champagne producers and styles of champagne.

Explore Kosher Champagne

Kosher Cognac

Kosher Cognac

Kosher Cognac has become more available in the United States over the past few years, and many available today were in fact distilled decades ago. Learn about the Kosher Cognac producers and discover some of the Kosher cognacs available for your enjoyment today!

Explore Kosher Cognac

Kosher Moscato

Kosher Moscato Wine

The popular Kosher Moscato is produced in various regions across the globe. Discover the various Kosher Moscato producers and learn more about the oldest category of grape known to man –the Muscat grape, which is the delicious grape used in Moscato wine production.

Explore Kosher Moscato

Kosher Pinot Noir

Kosher Pinot Noir Wine

Pinot Noir is one of the most highly prized wines in the world and is known for its delectable young and light taste – making it a great wine to pair with a variety of foods. Discover some of the best Kosher Pinot Noir producers and learn about the various regions in which they are produced.

Explore Kosher Pinot Noir

Kosher Prosecco

Kosher Prosecco Wine

Kosher Prosecco wines are light, affordable and a perfect sparkling wine for any occasion. Learn about the various Prosecco styles and Prosecco producers across the globe, particularly in Italy where Prosecco grapes love to grow and thrive.

Explore Kosher Prosecco

Kosher Port

Kosher Port Wine

The number of Kosher Port wines has grown steadily over the years, with big-name producers like Carmel, Shiloh and Odem Mountain contributing to the list of Port producers. Explore the various types and producers of Kosher Port and Port-style wines today!

Explore Kosher Port