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  • 1 PM Black Friday Case

    LIMITED TIME OFFER! Get this fantastic mixed wines case of kosher wines for 35% off! Only 25 available!
    Out of stock
  • 90 Point Rated 3 Pack

    A classic pack of full bodied wines designed to for any serious wine drinker. You'll be impressed by the strength and character of these wines as fantastic compliments to any hearty meal. Buy now, drink, eat and enjoy
  • Abarbanel Mixed Case

    Try this fantastic one click mixed case of Abarbanel wines! Now through October 25th, enjoy over $30 off retail pricing when buying this case! This 12 bottle case includes: 2 X Abarbanel Chardonnay 2 X Abarbanel Lem....
    $204.88 ($204.88)
  • Black Friday Mixed Case


    Get this fantastic mixed wines case of kosher wines for over 35% off! Only 25 available!

    • Baron Bastis Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Baron Bastis Chardonnay
    • Contessa ....
    $194.88 ($194.88)
  • Black Friday Savings Mixed Case


    Get this fantastic mixed wines case of kosher wines for 35% off! Only 25 available!

    • Jezreel Valley Adumim 2013
    • Jezreel Valley Chardonnay 2014
    • Bravdo Shira....
    $356.88 ($356.88)
  • Black Friday Week Mixed Case

    Get over $70 worth of savings with this Early Bird Mixed Case with a collection of red and wine wines!

    • Koenig Riesling 2014
    • Borgo Reale Pinot Grigio
    • Abarbanel Old Vines Riesling 2012....
    $296.88 ($296.88)
  • Black Friday Week Reds Mixed Case

    Savings pour as freely as wine with this Early Bird Reds Case! Save over $100 and get yours today!

    • Galil Mountain Syrah 2014
    • Beit El Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
    • Novel Carrera 2012
    • ....
    $397.88 ($397.88)
  • Black Friday Week Value Mixed Case

    Save over $40 with this Early Bird Value Case, A mixture of red and white wines from a variety of producers!

    • Casa De Cielo Chardonnay
    • Casa De Cielo Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Baron Bastis Ca....
    $181.88 ($181.88)
  • Bordeaux Sampler

    With this selection, you'll gain access into some of Bordeaux's finest Chateaus and grapes. These six traditional wines will leave your palate satisfied by the timeless and robust quality of this fantastic wine producing....
  • Bravdo Mixed Case

    This case of Bravdo wines is perfect to stock up on your favorite Bravdo wines from this year! Valued at over 30% off, this case is the perfect deal for Bravdo winery lovers. This kit includes:

    • 8 bottle....
    $299.99 ($452.86)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 3 Pack

    If you're a Cabernet Sauvignon lover, this pact is perfect for you. Selected for its unique taste, you'll be surprised by the variety in flavors found within this particular grape. Don't miss out on these great value win....
  • Casa De Cielo Mixed Case (15 Pack!)

    Exclusive 15-bottle mixed case for maximum value! Ships for free! From start to finish, these wines were produced by so that you can enjoy quality wines at an outstanding price. Thi....
    $155.85 ($155.85)
  • Combating BDS - Premium Wine Collection

    Show your support for the Land of Israel and appreciation for great wine at the same time! This handpicked collection is made up of delightful wines from the Judea and Sumeria regions of Israel. This case offers a sav....
    $405.88 ($405.88)
  • Combating BDS - Value Wine Collection

    This value collection is a double win: great wines for a great price, and you get to support wines made in the Land of Israel. Jump on this great deal and taste these amazing picks from Judea and Samaria. This case is....
    $221.98 ($239.88)
  • Cyber Monday Conossiuer's Case


    Get great savings on this mixed case of kosher wines with savings of over 30%!

    • Montefiore Petite Sirah 2011
    • Tulip Mostly Shiraz 2013
    • Pacifica Meritag....
    $604.88 ($604.88)
  • Cyber Monday Discoverer's Case


    With only 20 available, get this mixed case of six different kosher wines now! The case contains 2 bottles each of:

    • Pacifica Meritage 2010
    • Tulip Mostly Cabernet Fra....
    $282.20 ($282.20)
  • Cyber Monday Explorer's Case


    Almost 40% off and only 20 available, this fantastic mixed case of kosher wines contains reds, whites, and champagne! It's perfect for the holidays!

    • Koenig Riesling 2014....
    $178.78 ($178.78)
  • Dalton Estate Series

    With over 17% off, this mixed case of our Dalton Estate Reds is perfect for the holidays! Save $50.00 and get yours today!


    Included are:

    • 2 Bottles of Dalton Estate Merlot 2013
    $237.88 ($287.88)
  • Dalton Premium Mixed Case

    Save over $65 with this mixed case of our Dalton Premiere wines! Get over 20% off today!
    $264.97 ($331.88)
  • Doorbuster Mixed Case

    Save 40% off this mixed case of 12 kosher wines with savings of over $100! Enjoy 2 bottles each of:

    • Chateau Du Galilee Merlot 2010
    • Tulip Mostly Cabernet Franc 2012
    • Contessa Annalisa ....
    $347.88 ($347.88)
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