What's New December 27, 2017

Looking Toward 2018 Wine Trends

By Ari Lockspeiser

The Growth of the Boutique

You may view the title above as a paradox - isn't the point of a boutique to be small? If it grows, doesn't it lose its boutique identity? Apparently, this concept is changing, and the rise of boutique wineries from around the world is upon us. More and more incredible kosher boutique wineries will become players in the industry next year, and before you know it, you'll fall in love with their wines.

We can already see the emergence of micro boutiques fandom. Goblet, a micro boutique winery featured at Kosherwine.com, is a great example. This winery is the project of Yanky Drew, who honed his skills at City Winery and now has his own winery in the middle of Brooklyn. He sources grapes from all over the world and makes high-end wine in a humble storefront in Brooklyn. His wines pack a massive punch: fruity up front, complex, and big bodied.

Coming soon to Kosherwine.com is Nevo Winery, an Israeli start-up boutique winery making fruity, full-bodied and balanced wines. Shiran Winery and Herzberg Winery will be added to our collection as well in 2018, and we are proud to be able to showcase their amazing produce.

These are only a few examples. There are so many new and exciting privately-run wineries out there making unique wines that wine lovers will be clamoring over.  It seems as if every day I find new kosher wines, coming from Chablis, Israel, New York, etc. This abundance is fantastic for the kosher consumer: it allows us to expand our palates and try new wines from new regions and new producers.

I see the consumer wanting more - more access to wineries, more knowledge (thank you Joshua London, David Raccah and Yossie Horowitz, for being among the first to educate kosher wine consumers) and more wines and styles.

My prediction lies in the increasing ability of these exclusive boutique wineries to produce fantastic and unique wines for the kosher market. The education of all of us, as kosher drinkers, will cover new regions of wine, new grape varietals, and new drinking experiences. Take advantage of everything: try new wines, expand your palate, grow your knowledge of wine and continue to learn. The more you know, the better you can be at choosing the proper wine for the proper price.

I believe that we will continue to see more wineries attracting consumers with entry-level wines that are more approachable to drink, aimed to be drunk young and immediately. Take, for example, the new Castel La Vie, or the Psagot Sinai - table-ready wines that can be drunk now with bursting fruit flavors that will entice and ignite every kosher drinker from the beginner to the expert.

Kosherwine.com is already prepared to meet the 2018 industry trends. In the upcoming year, we will develop a collection of exclusive boutique wines and increase the variety of direct imports, with the goal of providing you, the consumer, with more options at better prices. Knowing that this is coming soon, I am very excited about the kosher wine 2018 outlook. Let’s raise a toast for the new calendar year!