Wineries June 21, 2016

Bartenura Winery

By David Perelman

About Bartenura Winery

Wines produced in Italy are some of the most respected in the world. With locations all over Italy’s greatest regions, Bartenura Winery brings the best of the Italian wine to your table. From the iconic blue bottle Moscato to the classics like Bartenura Ovadia Estates Chianti, Bartenura Winery ensures wine making excellence in every bottle. Each of these wines has been nurtured from seed to bottle with the utmost care and attention. From spumante and chianti to moscato and prosecco, Bartenura has worked hard to earn their reputation as the maker of some of the world’s best wines.

While Bartenura wines include a number of kosher wine options that are easily enjoyed on their own, you can also use these top-quality products for crafting delicious drinks at home. Bartenura’s famous Moscato is a popular mixology ingredient for unique, flavorful and effervescent cocktails that won’t soon be forgotten. Delight your guests with Bartenura wine and cocktails at your dinner table.

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Bartenura is an innovative and progressive winery that utilizes leading industrial technologies to produce some of Israel's finest and most exceptional wines. From its top of the line crusher, pneumatic press, and temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, Bartenura achieves optimal quality in the winemaking process. The winery uses separate tanks for each parcel and varietal it harvests in order to ferment every batch to maintain the authentic and unique characteristics of each vineyard.

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