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Introducing Our New Garage Winery Collection

Ever wonder how many different kosher wineries there are?

The answer is - a lot. While the big brands are well known, there are hundreds of smaller wineries. We’ve all heard of Barkan, Carmel, Dalton, Tishbi and Bartenura, to name a few. With the tremendous growth in Kosher wine consumption over the last 15 years, boutique wineries like Flam, Psagot, and Shiloh rose to prominence. But the supply doesn’t stop there, there are small wineries producing less than 10,000 bottles a year that are too small for traditional importers and aren’t readily available.

Garage Winery

So what are Garage Wineries?

These tiny wineries, affectionately referred to as Garage Wineries, are an up-and-coming trend sweeping the State of Israel, and they are making some of the best wines found in the country. The term Garage winery refers to handcrafted boutique wines created by individual winemakers, who are experimenting with different techniques and are turning virtually any space - yards, basements, dining rooms, and garages into wine labs.

Garage Winery Enters The Scene

In 2017, David Perelman, CEO, and Dovid Riven, Executive VP, of, went to Israel with a specific goal - discover the best garage wineries and bring them to market. They visited the wineries around Israel, met with winemakers, heard their unique stories, and sampled their wines. “We spent six months planning and coordinating this trip and ultimately visited over 40 wineries in a span of 10 days,” says Dovid Riven. “We live in a time where customers want a direct connection with their producers,” says David Perelman, “They are looking for unique wines that can provide that authentic experience. Garage wines satisfy that need.”

Garage Winery

The Debut Collection is releasing 17 wines from five Israeli garage wineries: Shiran, Gito, Amos, Herzberg, and Nevo. Each winery has provided with a limited number of quality wines for this launch, and they are available for purchase now exclusively through “We are very excited to introduce these wines to our customers. Finding under-the-radar winemakers and bringing their wines to the US audience has been a special process,” says Dovid Riven.

shop new kosher wines from isreal's micro-wineries

“These wines will be available exclusively through us at The challenge of working with micro-producers is that you need a critical mass to bring these wines to market,” says David Perelman. “Thankfully, we focus on selling direct to consumer which enables us to curate smaller quantities. We were able to kickstart this venture successfully, and we will continue to find more wines with outstanding quality to offer our customers.”

Garage Winery
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