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Barkan Winery - Kosher Wines from Israel

By David Perelman

About Barkan Winery

As one of Israel’s most respected producers, Barkan Winery is known for its pride in fundamental principles of winemaking. Great wines start in the soil, and Barkan makes no compromises when it comes to quality vineyards and terroir.

The search for pristine soils to create Barkan’s premium wines traversed mountain ridges and lush valleys. Micro climates and seasonal adaptations were studied carefully until the most suitable soils were discovered. The vines were then planted in the Upper Galilee and the Judean Hills in the very best plots to produce exquisite fruits in exclusive yields.

But it’s not just soil that makes Barkan wines so unique. From the beginning, Barkan’s winemakers have incorporated the top-grade grape breeds into their vineyards. These breeds were sourced from growing climates all over the world to create new and exciting varietal wines and blends. Each Barkan wine tells a story about a single grape seed’s journey and the astounding flavors it can produce.

Today, the myriad of different soil types that constitute Barkan’s carefully managed vineyards contribute to powerful and expressive wines that showcase their rich Mediterranean viticulture heritage. Turn to this respected winery when you’re in search of kosher wines that offer unmatched quality and flavor.

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Barkan is an innovative and progressive winery that utilizes leading industrial technologies to produce some of Israel's finest and most exceptional wines. From its top of the line crusher, pneumatic press, and temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, Barkan achieves optimal quality in the winemaking process. The winery uses separate tanks for each parcel and varietal it harvests in order to ferment every batch to maintain the authentic and unique characteristics of each vineyard.

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