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Baron Herzog Winery – Kosher Wines from California

By David Perelman

About Baron Herzog Winery

When it comes to kosher wine, few wineries have the incredible history and long-standing dedication to quality demonstrated by Baron Herzog Winery. This company has decades of history in both Europe and America, which has imbued their kosher wines with a unique sensibility and style.

The Herzog family has made wine for over a century, starting with Philip Herzog in Slovakia, who made wines for the Austro-Hungarian court. His kosher and non-kosher wines were so well received by the emperor at the time that they made Philip a Baron—hence Baron Herzog.

Philip’s grandson Eugene Herzog brought the family to America in 1948. He started working in New York with concord grapes and was paid in shares of the company. Eventually, by 1958, he owned most of the company and renamed it Royal Wine in deference to their grandfather, Philip. In 1985, they moved to California, and in 2011 moved into their own state-of-the-art facility.

Due to this company’s long history, Baron Herzog wines feature a distinctive taste and style. The wines clearly have roots in traditional winemaking practices while also incorporating some contemporary trends. Add these kosher wines to your dinner table to enjoy the subtle, delicious flavors of carefully crafted wines.

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