Wineries August 09, 2016

Dalton Winery – Kosher Wines from Israel

By David Perelman

About Dalton Winery

Situated in the verdant, mountainous countryside of the Upper Galilee, Dalton Winery has secured one of the best terroirs in all of Israel. The winery’s vineyards stretch high above the sea, where soil conditions are at their best for lush growth. The climate and altitude help foster these ideal grape-growing conditions and have contributed to the distinctive and delicious flavors of Dalton wines.

Dalton Winery was founded in 1995 by the Haruni family, who had moved to Israel from England. In the beginning, production reached about 20,000 bottles per year. But thanks to rapid growth and an expanding base of loyal customers, Dalton now produces about 800,000 bottles of kosher wine annually.

Dalton’s fruit-driven wines are especially popular with kosher meals. The rich, bold flavors are simply delightful and have contributed to the brand’s growing success. Pair these kosher wines with your next dinner to enjoy memorable moments with family and friends over an equally memorable drink.

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