Wine & Food Pairings December 16, 2016

5 Chanukah Food & Wine Pairings

By Ari Lockspeiser


1. Rose & Sufganiyot. During the rest of the year, we call 'em doughnuts. On Chanukah, they're sufganiyot! Besides for being the same color as the jelly in the jelly doughnuts, Roses Like the Terra Di Seta Meshi Toscana Rose have a drier approach that will contrast nicely with the sweetness in your sufganiot.



2. Cab-Sauv. & Brisket. Cabernet Sauvignons are almost always a perfect pair for your holiday brisket. You need a big wine for a big meat. The big fruit and oakyness of a wine like the The Chosen Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon will complement the big meatyness of the brisket and pair nicely together.



3. Latkes & Riesling. Latkes are oily, fatty, and yummy, Rieslings like the Hagafen Lake County White Riesling 2015 have a touch of sweetness and strong acid that will cut through the oily nature of the latkes.



4. Cheese Blintzes & Pinot Noir. Like Jam on your cheese blintzes? So do we. Pinots like the Goose Bay Pinot Noir 2014 have a red, light, fruity punch to them that has some residuals sweetness like the strawberry jam oozing over those sweet cheese blintzes. The beauty is that although the fruits are there, in a pinot, they are balanced and don't overwhelm.





5. Syrah and Chocolate. Now I know this may come as a twist for some. Chocolate and Syrah is what we like to call an extreme contrast. Syrahs and Syrah blends like the Novel Novateur 2012 are big and spicy and the chocolate is sweet and yummy. Contrast the two to find a wonderful balance.




Well, that's all for now. Happy Chanukah!!!