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What's New August 13, 2018

Rosh Hashanah: New Beginnings, New Wines!

By Ari Lockspeiser

The months of Elul and Tishrei are definitely an interesting time in the Jewish calendar. It’s a time of prayer and introspection, a time to look over our actions for the past year and determine our goals for the upcoming one. But what’s exciting about Rosh Hashanah is the opportunity we’re given to start fresh and begin the new year with a clean slate. It’s a special time for new beginnings and new goals.

The wine world resembles the cyclical style and new beginnings like the Jewish calendar. Each year in wine is special, and each vintage brings its own challenges, rewards and personality. As we turn the clock on a new Jewish year, we also begin a new vintage in the northern hemisphere. We are into the 2018 vintage year and are just beginning to see the character of this vintage.

With the theme of beginnings and freshness, let’s focus on some wines that are new. There’s a new vintage, a new winery, a new region, and a new varietal to discover. All are perfect wines to enjoy around your Rosh Hashanah table with family and friends. Hopefully these wines will help us enjoy the holiday meals while also reminding us of the significance of the day.

New Winery: Shiran Winery

The Shiran winery is a newer winery that has just recently entered the American market exclusively through KosherWine.com. We are proud to feature Shiran with our Garage Winery collection, and are honored to feature the fantastic wines created by winemaker Eli Shiran. You don’t want to miss Shiran The Trio 2016, a delicious option with a unique blend of Carignan, Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot. These are very unique grapes to Israel and they grow beautifully in the warm Mediterranean climate. The wine has lots of fruit flavors, focusing on red and black fruit, a medium plus body, and a nice long finish. This drink will pair wonderfully with your holiday chicken.

New Vintage: Flam Rosé 2017

Flam is definitely one of my favorite Israeli wineries. They stick to their portfolio and make great wines from grapes that they are familiar with and that work well together. Flam has been making a rosé now for a bunch of years, but their 2016 rosé just was not up to par. Enter the new 2017 vintage, and the wonderful Flam Rosé is back! This wine is exactly what you would want in a rosé: clean crisp red fruit flavors, a touch of minerality and a medium body with the alcohol in check. This is a wine I can be proud to showcase as the new vintage wine, and you can enjoy it with anything, from strawberry salad to sweet potato kugel, or even the main course.

New Varietal: Shiloh Shor Barbera 2016

While this is not the first Barbera create by Shiloh, I wanted to focus on this one as it’s a fairly new varietal to the Kosher consumer. Barbera is an old Italian varietal that originated from the Piedmont region of Italy and more specifically from the DOCG appellation of Barbera D’asti. The wine has a deep color, is aged in oak, and has bursting flavors of cherries and blueberries. Amichai Lourie, the world renowned winemaker at Shiloh, treats this grape wonderfully and makes a wine that is full-bodied and food friendly. Try this wine with a great roast for an excellent holiday meal!

New Wine: Psagot Prat 2016

While technically Psagot has made dessert wines in the past, we want to feature the newly released Psagot Prat. This is a port dessert wine and it shows all the wonderful characteristics of Israeli port. The wine sports dried fruit aromas, a lusciously heavy body, sweetness with acid, and is screaming vanilla flavors. The wine can be drunk now or aged for at least five years. Pair this with any dessert for an extra sweet end to your Rosh Hashanah meal!

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