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What's New March 27, 2018

Passover Around The World

By Leiba Estrin

Whether you’re spending Passover in Russia, Nepal, or on a US navy ship, everyone is connected by one thing: wine! Take a look at nine different Passover celebrations around the world.


Seder at the Top of the World

Chabad shluchim in Katmandu, Nepal host the largest seders in the world, bringing close to 1,500 people each year.
Source: CNN



Passover in Rostov, Russia

Jewish children in Rostov, Russia demonstrate how they celebrate Passover.
Source: Chabad of Rostov



Passover in Southern USA

The Cohn family gets in character for a family seder in Southern Florida.
Source: Todd Cohn, executive director, Southern NCSY



Ethiopian Kids Preparing for Passover in Israel

Ethiopian kids in Israel mess around during Passover prep.
Source: JPost

Repair the World in Pittsburgh, PA

Passover seder with young Jewish adults organized by Repair The World.
Source: Repair the World


Passover Food in India

Hundreds of members of the Bnei Menashe community partake in a model Passover seder in Churachandpur, in the Indian state of Manipur.
Source: Shavei Israel



Baking Matzah in Vancouver, Canada

Matzah Bakery for young families, run by Chabad of Vancouver
Source: Chabad Lubavitch BC



Seniors in Charlotte, NC

Celebrating a Passover seder with seniors at Levine JCC in Charlotte, NC.
Source: Jill Lipson, Levine JCC



The US Navy reads the Haggadah

Lt. j.g. Derek Cedars reads a prayer verse during the Jewish Passover celebration aboard the USS Harry S. Truman in April 2003. Truman and her embarked Carrier Air Wing Three were on deployment conducting combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Source: Wiki Commons

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