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Ari's Seder Night Wine Pairings

The seder night will be here before you know it! With the Arbah Kosot, the Four Cups of wine, there are many opportunities to sample some new labels. We’ve chosen the top three wines we’d recommend at each point in the seder. So read on to plan your Passover wine pairings!

1st Kos - The “Starter” Cup

With the Festa D’Estate Rossa, you can start off your seder with something red, light, and fun.

The Duc de Pagny Beaujolais Nouveau 2017 keeps it light still while getting more serious. It’s delicious when paired with a salad or dessert.

Finally, the Shiloh Rose 2017 is a classic first cup choice. It whets the palate for the feast to come!

2nd Kos - The “Conversation” Cup

The Novel Carrera 2016 is a serious Israeli wine that goes down easy and can pair with anything from Charoset to brisket.

A perfect second cup option is the Flam Classico ‘16. Plus, you can refill it for dinner, as it goes well with anything earthy, such as lamb, mushrooms, or veal stew.

And the Vitkin Pinot Noir 2016 will go well with the charoset, cool down the marors, and pairs well with the chicken - definitely an all-in-one!

3rd Kos - The “Dinner” Cup

This Dalton Estate Merlot is the perfect mealtime choice, as it has a silky smooth tannins that won’t overpower baked chicken or matzah.

Looking for another option to pair with the chicken soup or roasted chicken? The Shiran Soprano is just what you’re looking for!

And finally, the Gito Adom is a perfect wine for lamb, duck, or chicken.

4th Kos - The “Finale” Cup

After all that drinking, the Joyvin Lambrusco Red is a fun and easy option for the last cup.

Alternatively, the Psagot Edom ‘14 is a full option that pairs well with a big meal, whether chicken, turkey, or meat.

And to finish it off with a big bang, test the Chateau Cantenac Brown Margaux 2015. Go all out for the last cup, enjoy the freedom the seder brings, and come back later for some more wine!

Wishing you a Chag Kasher V’Sameach/Happy Passover!

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