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Wine 101 June 25, 2018

Top Ten Rosés for Summer 2018

By Ari Lockspeiser


Planning a barbeque or picnic this summer? Looking for the perfect rosé to enjoy outdoors? Read on to discover our top ten rosé picks from the latest vintage!

What makes a rosé so pleasant is not just its color, but its malleability. Rosé can hold the structure and body of a red wine, while still remain light and tropical like a white wine. The Kosher rosé market has boomed in the past few years, producing excellent wines each year for the discerning Kosher consumer.

Summertime is the season of rosés - so drink up and enjoy!


1. Dalton Estate Rose 2017 - This fantastic dry wine from Dalton winery showcases strawberry and minerals. The wine has an Israeli dryness and a French aroma - a great combination!

2. Château Roubine Cru Classe Rosé 2017 The Château Roubine is perfectly French and Provencal as it’s a lighter and dryer option. You’ll be able to distinguish wonderful aromas of wet rocks, minerals and light red fruit. A crisp and refreshing drinking rosé that’s a perfect choice for the outdoors.

3. Shiran The Conductor Rosé 2017 - This brand new wine is bursting with red fruit and tropical fruit flavors, and is perfect for those who love full flavored, medium bodied rosés. This wine drinks similar to a red wine in it's deep complex flavors, but still brings the acid that is needed for summer rosé drinking. Enjoy now with a tuna and avocado salad, a light pasta or even dessert.  

4. Herzog Selection Les Lauriers des Rothschild 2017 - Herzog hit a home run with this France Rosé. From the famed Rothschild name, this wine produces a long crisp acid with wonderful strawberry notes and a refreshing minerality.

5. Psagot Rosé 2017 - A long-time favorite of mine, Psagot has nailed rosés for many years. The grapes for this wine are grown in a higher altitude which lengthens the growing season and allows the grapes to soak up more sun. This time in the sun gives the juice a more concentrated red fruit flavor.


6. Covenant Red C Rosé 2017 - Let's travel to California to showcase a great rosé from Jeff Morgan, the Covenant winemaker. This is a big full bodied rosé - if you are more of a red wine person, it’s the perfect choice for you. Pair it with a bigger protein for an all-around great meal!

7. Domaine Du Castel Rosé 2017 - No list of Israeli rosés is complete without mentioning Castel. Light and crisp, flavorful and acidic, refreshing and enjoyable, this is the perfect wine for outdoor sipping on a warm summer afternoon.

8. Borgo Reale Rosé 2017 - Italy has rightfully pushed itself to the forefront of the international rosé discussion. Similar in style to the French rosé, the Borgo Reale is aromatic, light and crisp, a perfect beach option.

9. Shiloh Rosé 2017 - Just looking at the deep red color of this Shiloh Rosé will make you thirsty! The fruit is at the forefront of the wine, with lots of red fruit flavors, including hints of tart cherries and strawberries throughout.

10. Elvi Vina Encina Rosé 2017 - And finally, we can't have a complete rosé list without traveling to Spain. Elvi makes a medium bodied wine, red fruit flavored with a balanced and crisp taste. It can pair with lots of foods, including sushi, sea bass and turkey.


Shop our rosé wines collection here or some favorites below - happy sipping!

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