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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Our top Kosher wines to pair with each course of your Thanksgiving feast!

Thanksgiving is coming up, and it’s time to start preparing some warm, flavorful classic foods. But what about the wine? Below we’ve paired one of our top wines with each dish for your Thanksgiving feast. Plus, you’ll learn some key points about comparing and contrasting your food and wine pairings. Remember to order your wines on time for a wonderful evening of food, drink, family, and fun!

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings


The Domaine Herzberg Village 2013 is a perfect fit. I always like to go with a wine that has a little less alcohol for the turkey course. We want the turkey to be the star of the dinner, with the wine bringing out the flavor of the turkey while not taking away from it. This wine has only a 12.5% alcohol level, and it’s smooth and fruity texture will complement your bird any way you cook it.


Stuffing can be a very earthy dish, especially if it’s made from root vegetables and mushrooms. I like to contrast the stuffing with a fruity wine that will bring out the depths of both. The Novel Carrera 2016 is a private label wine and a great choice. The layers of black fruit flavors such as black berries and currants will round out the earthy stuffing beautifully.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Cranberry Sauce

This pairing touches on the opposing philosophy of wine pairing - comparing. The Twin Suns Reserve Zinfandel 2016 will compare and match perfectly with the cranberry sauce. With the zingy fruit flavors and strong tart flavors in both the cranberries and wine, this is a pairing made in wine heaven.

Mashed Potatoes

For the mashed potatoes we’ll focus on the contrasting side of wine pairing, placing earthy foods and fruity wines together. The Gito Lavan 2016 will go beautifully with this hearty dish. The white chardonnay brings that fruity character but can still stand up to the potatoes.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Mixed Veggies

Oftentimes at Thanksgiving dinners the vegetables are served roasted and stewed, and though they’re definitely delicious, they sometimes lack a bit of freshness. There is no better wine to refresh your palate than the new Nouveau. The Beaujolais Nouveau 2018 has literally just arrived on our shores this month, and the veggie course is a great time to bring out this conversation stopper. Celebrate the new year’s vintage at your Thanksgiving dinner for double the fun and double the freshness!

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings


The sweet Covenant Zahav Late Harvest Chardonnay 2016 will pair beautifully with your sweet cornbread side dish. This wine has flavors of orange peel and marmalade which will go very well with the sweet corn flavors in the bread.


The word casserole conjures up imagery of a hearty dish passed around the table, where everyone spoons out some of the goodness. The Goblet Sonoma County Petite Sirah 2014 brings both the fruit to contrast with the earthy casserole flavors and the body to compare with the filling nature of the dish.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Sweet Potato Pie

The Shiran Conductor Rose 2017 is just the thing for your sweet potato pie and to finish off this delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Just like with the stuffing and Novel Carrera, we want to match the fruit with the earth. The sweet potatoes have an earthy component to them, but this rosé will bring out the sweetness in the dish as well. And the dryness of the wine will add some earthiness to your food.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Are you hungry yet, reading about these succulent dishes? Hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends - and let us know how these wine pairings went for you!

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