Here at, we have the perfect Passover wine for any type of seder! It's hard to please everybody but with the convenience of our Passover cases, it makes it easier to appeal to your guests’ kosher wine preferences. Whether you're planning a large Passover seder or want your wine to last the entire holiday week, there are hundreds of wines to choose from! We have wines fit for every palate; just try some of our crowd pleasers, such as The Chosen Barrel, Novel, Jezreel Valley, Shiloh, Psagot, Flam and Dalton wines.

If you would rather purchase singular bottles, you can safely assume that one bottle of wine per person will cover the four cups at the seder. There may even be a little left over to drink with the meal! From our new and unique Duc de Pagny Beaujoulais Nouveau to our popular Novel Carrera, you can find wine to get you through the entire holiday!

Passover Mixed Cases New Kosher Wines on Sale


Wondering how much wine to buy?

Typically, for a full four cups, you’ll want to have about a bottle per person. Although technically the exact amount you would need is 4 bottles for every 5 people, you’ll want to account for accidental spillage, or even for if people want to have some wine with their meal as well.

Doing a seder away from home and wondering what to do about wine?

If you are shopping for a seder event at a synagogue, community center, or hotel, rest assured that we can ship there! Shipping is on us, whether you buy 12 different bottles or 12 of the same, so don't be worried about trying something new. Just make sure that you order 12 bottles total, or increments of 12 to qualify for free shipping. The convenience of having a case or two sent directly to your Passover program, hotel, or home is totally worth it.

Which wine should I buy for Passover?

We took a lot of time and consideration choosing our mixed cases to really represent what the kosher wine world has to offer. Try one of those out for a one click win. If you want to be more involved in the decision making process though, sign up for a free wine consultation and we’ll be happy to talk you through everything.

Our customer service team is also equipped to help you choose wines that will make your seder great! feel free to call them at 1-866-567-4370


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