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What's New April 03, 2018

Four Wines, Four Sons

By Leiba Estrin

The words you’re about to read are fictional. Any resemblance to characters, real or imaginary, is purely coincidental.

Actually, it’s not! We’re willing to bet that these brothers will remind you of yourself, your own family, or people you know.

Chacham/The Connoisseur

My family has a long history of making and drinking wine. I’ve always liked to hang around the winery and learn about what’s going on. I particularly love the tastings, and finding out what other pros are enjoying!

This is the wine I’m drinking at the seder: Herzog Limited Edition Chalk Hill  




This wine is produced from an old school vineyard, part of the Herzog winery for many years and located in California. The color is a rich red-ink, filled with classic aromas of cassis and fresh vanilla bean. A firmly-structured palate offers more dark fruits with hints of anise and mint. The wine will age nicely for another 5 years, but can certainly be opened now, which I intend to do. I got a nice leg of lamb that will go perfectly with my wine choice during Shulchan Orech. If there’s any wine left over by then…

Family Commentary

Rasha: Ugh, too perfect.

Tam: A little too complex for my taste...

She’aino Yodai’ah LiSh’ol: Ewww, chalk??

Rasha/The Drinker

They call me wicked but I’m really just misunderstood. I’ve got a complex personality with a dark perspective on life. I don’t have as many friends as my brother the chacham does. I come off a bit brash and more than slightly pessimistic. It’s not my fault that others aren’t grounded in the harsh reality of life. If a wine gets boring for me, I spill it out.

This is the wine I’m drinking at the seder: Black Tulip



Tulip Winery’s Black Tulip is a bold, spicy blend with a matching black label. Complex, dangerous, and completely delicious.

Family Commentary

Chacham: Always with the darkness. Why don’t you lighten up once in a while?

Tam: You don’t need to choose complex wines just because you have a complex personality. I recommend you make life easier for yourself, and keep things simple.

She’aino Yodai’ah LiSh’ol: Hmmm, black tulips aren’t as pretty as pink tulips.

Tam/Simple Taster

I’m down to earth. What you see is what you get. I have simple tastes and prefer wines that are straightforward and easy to drink.

This is the wine I’m drinking at the seder: Baron Herzog Jeunesse Cabernet Sauvignon



This wine is a young, fresh, fruity wine that perfectly balances the point between sweet and dry. Straightforward and delicious.

Family Commentary

Chacham: At least it’s not a sugary sweet wine, but I would have thought your palate would have developed a bit more over time...

Rasha: Your wine is too simple! Why don’t you try something with more layers?

She’aino Yodai’ah LiSh’ol: Jeunesse! Jew + Nes (miracle). Mind. Blown.

She’aino Yodai’ah LiSh’ol/Beer Drinker

As you might have already guessed, I don’t know anything about wine. I’m a beer drinker, not a vino. I wish the seder pushed four cups of beer, not four cups of wine. Please help!

I asked around, and this is the wine I’m drinking at the seder: Bartenura Moscato

It’s a sweet white bubbly wine that everyone else seems to like.



Family Commentary

Rasha: (singing in the tune of Ma Nishtana) How is this wine more cliche than all other wines?

Chacham says: It’s not my first choice but the moscato grape is naturally rich in perfumes and the production of this wine is geared towards preserving these aromas in the finished wine.

Tam: Is this soda? I love soda!

She’aino Yodai’ah LiSh’ol: Hey don’t go hating on my wine pick. The numbers don’t lie. It’s a popular choice for many seders.

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