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Wineries July 31, 2018

An Interview with Max Herzberg of Herzberg Winery

By David Perelman

Meet Max Herzberg, a microbiologist turned winemaker.

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KW: Can you share the story of how your winery began?

MH: Sure! The Herzberg Winery is located in Moshav Sitria near Rechovot. My love for wine began when I was studying science at a college in France, and I’ve been interested in agriculture ever since. Back in 1975, I planted oranges oranges and a flower garden. I am a microbiologist by profession, and I took a break from the land once I got more involved in managing my Biotech Diagnostic startup. In 2005, freed from my industrial responsibilities, I began making wine for family and friends. I had gained prior experience in producing wines from my past years in France and by staying with friends in Bordeaux. We chose to plan vineyards on our entire 2.5 acres of land. My children and the other children of the Moshav (settlement) help with our family winemaking. Specifically my son Yoel played a big part in the winery and still helps run the graphics and marketing aspects.

Producing organice grapes is part of our agricultural philosophy.

KW: What is your vision to bring to the world through wine?

MH: Because I was raised in Paris, wine has always been a part of my upbringing and culture. Wine is an elaborate product which gives justice to the most generous fruit of all: the grape. It is not by chance that Kiddush is made on wine and not on another fruit juice. I wanted to create strong wines with show respect to the fruit and terroir.

KW: How is your family involved with the winery?

MH: Today, the bulk of the work is done by my son and I. But my wife helps a lot as well and our grandchildren participate in many of the steps leading up to the harvest. In fact, every year we have a full family gathering where we harvest together and make a family batch of Tirosh for Kiddush wine.

The wines are stored in wooden barrels for at least a year.

KW: What makes the Herzberg wines different from other wines on the market?

MH: We produce organic wines without looking for any certificate. It’s just part of our agricultural philosophy. Our wine are strictly Estate wines, and we create them only from grapes that we personally grow, so that we can decide the exact moment of harvest time. We are mostly old world as we do not use a lot of flavored wood or additives. All our wines are stored in wooden barrels for at least a year and then more two years bottled in controlled temperatures.

KW: Any new developments from the winery that you’d like to share?

MH: After two successful seasons here, we’re now focusing on our rosé, which is quickly gaining popularity. We produce a very dry Rosé together with our more traditional reds, including Village, Malbec and Reserve. Next winter we hope to bring our Rosé to the USA as well. We also have some new ideas and wines in the works!

Dovid Riven and David Perelman of KosherWine.com with Max Herzberg (center).

KW: Is your winery open for tours?

MH: Of course! We’re open for tours and love greeting visitors. Please make sure to contact us in advance before stopping by to make sure we’re around. Or you can follow us on Facebook where we announce our special events and wine tastings.

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