These Wines are a War Crime?

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The Mottle Wolf Show in partnership with is happy to present the BDS Wine Club. The BDS Wine Club is our way of combating the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement by embracing the ‘Made in Judea and Samaria’ label. Grown in the heart of Judea and Samaria, the ‘Real Bible Belt’, these are some of the finest winemakers in Israel. These are also the wines that are under attack from The anti-Semetic forces of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

These are the wines that are labeled a ‘West Bank Settlement Product’. These are the wines that the enemies of Israel don’t want you to buy. The BDS Wine club individually chooses twelve of these wines every month and ships them to you. Order bottles individually or by the case. You get to enjoy the tastes of Israel’s Biblical heartland, while fighting against those that would seek to destroy it. L’chayim.

BDS Value Collection

Value Collection

This value collection is a double win: great wines for a great price, and you get to support wines made in the Land of Israel. For just $200.50 taste these amazing picks from Judea and Sumeria.

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BDS Premium Collection

Premium Collection

Show your support for the Land of Israel and appreciation for great wine at the same time! This handpicked collection for only $348.77 is made up of delightful wines from the Judea and Sumeria regions of Israel.

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Reb Mottle's Picks

Reb Mottle's Picks

Wine producers in Israel continue to produce some of the world’s greatest Kosher wines to date. Explore Israel’s Kosher Wines, and learn about the various wine regions in Israel, boutique wineries, 90+ Point Israeli Wines, and more!

Reb Mottle's Picks