Wine & Food Pairings December 21, 2016

Pairing Fried Chanukah Food With Wine

By David Perelman

Oily foods are fun to eat year-round, but the holiday that commemorates a miracle with oil provides the perfect excuse to overload your palate with the yummiest of homemade fried goodies. Not everyone has considered the art of pairing kosher wine with oily foods, and that’s where we come in.

Here are 11 delicious wines you must try this year with your latkes, donuts, and other delicious Chanukah recipes.

Flam Blanc

This is a big, full white wine that can easily stand up to the oily foods of latkes and jelly donuts. It is also more on the dry side, which will play nicely with other Chanukah foods.

Ramon Cardova Rioja

This grenache is fruity yet structured; fruity enough to play nicely with the jelly donuts and light enough so as not to overpower the oily, fatty Chanukah dishes.

Capcanes Peraj Petita

Another Spanish grenache that carries a bit more fullness than the Cardova. This wine could even stand up to a gravy-infused Chanukah brisket.

Domaine C Blanc Du Castel

A big, buttery, structured white wine, big enough to enjoy with latkes and sour cream but still buttery enough to savor with jelly or custard-filled donuts.

Gilgal White Riesling

A touch sweeter riesling, better suited to match with jelly donuts, but if you like your latkes with applesauce, the sweetness in the wine will serve as a perfect match to the sweetness of the apple sauce.

Galil Mountain Viognier

This varietal is known as a wine that can get fairly oily, and since you are already eating oily foods, why not pile it on with an oily wine as well?

Drappier Brut Champagne Carte D'or

Because champagne literally goes with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Cheese cake, cheese latkes, potato latkes, and more!

Borgo Reale Pinot Grigio

If you want a light wine to pair with latkes this would be it. It’s tropical and fruity and would go nice with the latkes, even if it might be somewhat swallowed by the flavors. You can also try some with cheese blintzes.

Psagot Sinai

Psagot Sinai is a light, fruity wine that would really go well with jelly donuts but also be smooth enough to pair with latkes, especially if you like your latkes with jelly.

Recanati Special Reserve Red

After you finish playing dreidel, you’ll need a wine to pair with those chocolate coins. Definitely choose a wine that has some chocolate notes in it so you can add to the chocolatey goodness. I would go with Recanati Special Reserve Red.

Hagafen Cabernet Franc

For those who love making vegetable latkes, I would recommend you go for a wine that also has some green notes to it and enough acid to cut through the fattiness of the latkes. A great option would be the Hagafen Cabernet Franc.