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Our wines come from all over the globe, from the finest vineyards of Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Australia, and from the ancient vineyards of Israel where a unique communion of climate and soil produces some of the most distinctive and luscious vintages in the world.

Kosher wines are an important part of the daily lives and religious rituals, celebrations and everyday enjoyment; everyone can be a wine connoisseur. To be called kosher, wines must qualify for a seal of approval called a ‘hechsher’ that can only be awarded by an approved agency, rabbi or ‘beth din’, a religious court of law. To be certified as kosher for Passover the wine must not have come into contact with grain in any form. Thus you can rest assured that your kosher wine list is populated with only the highest quality product.

Speaking of popular, there’s a reason and our sister site, have become the most successful outlets for kosher wine online. It’s simply because we’re wine lovers ourselves who love the convenience of being able to shop for kosher wine online. We strive to provide the wide variety of kosher wine that we ourselves would like to see available and go out of our way to provide the service and extra effort we demand as consumers.

Our wine clubs offer a convenient way to keep your kosher wine list filled all the time with a very affordable monthly plan to fit everyone’s palate and budget. The Discovery Club is intended to meet the needs of the curious beginner just starting out on their wine enthusiast journey and wanting to sample a wide selection to discover their tastes. The Premium Club is designed for the more experienced and sophisticated wine drinker with a special focus on terrier wines
And for the connoisseur for whom kosher wines are a way of life, we proudly offer the 90+ Rated Club with only those wines that have earned highest ratings from the world’s most respected experts. But we urge you not to hesitate to try any our clubs.

Of course as a lover of kosher wines you’ll want to share your enthusiasm with family and friends so we’ve made a special selection of wines for the perfect gift. We’ve carefully chosen those wines that will have a broad appeal and are certain to be appreciated even by those who aren’t yet acquainted with the world of fine wines.

If you already know the kind of wine you’re looking for and want to see more specific choices then make good use of our handy Wine Finder which will let you plug-in the color, producer, varietal and region and choose either mevushal or non-mevushal wines.

Plus every month at you’ll find a large selection of kosher wines that have been specially discounted and offer an outstanding bargain. was an early Internet merchant coming online way back in 1997. Our ideally located distribution center in the heartland of America keeps shipping costs and delivery times the lowest possible to anywhere in the U.S.

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